Lubbock Kids Karate , Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


kids karate in lubbockOur Lubbock children’s programwas designed specially for children in those specific age groups. We realize that children in each of these groups have specific characteristics that differ from children younger and older than them. Each group has their own range of development and characteristics. With these designs, each group can benefit from a more specific type of training that will help them develop to be their best.

The stages of development for children have been extensively studied. Research targeted advanced skills that children of these age groups are in the process of developing primary skills and characteristics. At our Lubbock Martial Arts school, Pittman’s Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have uniquely divided that research into what we define as 6 characteristics of a champion and the 12 life skills of excellence.

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  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Concentration
  • Anti Bully Techniques